The Book Mandate

Dr. Victor King has a peculiar mandate that is turning into a global movement; to raise young Africans from around the world as leaders and entreprenuers that will be equipped with skills and competencies to champion transformation, development and nation building all over the world. 

Critical to our thinking is that your daily routine, the books you read and the friends you keep, will go a long way to determine your pathway to success or failure in life. 

I am convinced and passionate that the next decade is going to be one of economic transformation and a lot of young Africans that are undergoing secret preparation are going to rise up to limelight and global relevance. 

The book mandate team has been comissioned to publish thought provocating books of Dr. King that will enlarge your thinking capacity and help you rethink your life, retool and restrategize to position you as an influencer in whatever field of human endeavor. All the underlisted books is a must read. 


This book is a must read for all global ambassadors. In this book, am looking at the common traits of the 1% of the people that controls 70% of the wealth of the world. 

The key take home of the book are definative common success traits of: 

> Billionaires of the past 

> Billionaires of the present 

> Billionaires of the future 

The billionaires of the future are strategic  thinkers, strategic problem solvers and value creators. Reading this book will stir up the abilities and unlock your hidden potential for wealth creation.


Lead Your Generation

Take The Baton

Supernatural Help

Blast The Rock

Your Skill Pay The Bill

Decision about your destiny 

Discover your purpose 

Develop your potential 

Display your talent 

Distinguish in life 

Power To Fulfil My Destiny

Progress At The Speed Of Heaven

Command Your Glory

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This is a world class event that is heavily subsidized by Arise Africa America Forum and global partners to give rare opportunity to young Africans from around the world to have access to world class information, tools , strategies and technology that will give them quantum leap in life .