A New Day For Africa And Young Africans Around The World

Success is a journey. At this event, we will take you on a personal destiny journey that you will never forget; we will share with you, our personal pain and success stories, because success that can be explained can be duplicated.

You will have new strategic friends from around the world and develop lifelong bonding that will reshape your life and business. Network determines your net worth. Most especially, your take home will be the life transforming impact of this world class event.

1,000 CEOs BootCamp

The 2021 leadership and Entrepreneurship training program is a 12 weekend virtual experience designed to equip young African leaders from around the world with strategies to launch them as global brands. The ultimate goal of GreatMinds Leadership Academy is to empower delegates to advance in the fulfillment of their dream and to continute to transformation,  development and nation building. 

Training Objectives

We are glad to announce to you that the same Academy is embarking on a Global Leadership Mandate of transforming the Business and Entrepreneurship world with innovative trainings and capacity development of Human Resource Assets with seasoned Faculty members, Captains of Industries and  Business strategists  leveraging on advanced technology and digital cloud database of business community.

Journey Towards 2023 is designed for all aspiring and
emerging servant leaders that will serve as counsellors, chairman of LGA,
members of both state and federal House of Reps, senators, governors and public
servants in all arms of government.

 The topics to be treated will include, but
not limited to;

The power of vision

Personal branding and re-orientation

Why Nigeria is crucial to Africa’s development

Understanding Nigeria political landscapes.

How to attract local & international investors.

National transformation strategies.

The challenges of the Nigerian constitution and how to
correct it. 

The influence of cabal & economic development.

Understanding the power of democracy and how to
participate in politics.

Leadership as tool for growth & development(.case
study; Nigeria Africa.)

Understanding Resource control and generating internal

Conflict and crisis resolutions management.

The power of a PVC

CSR – A tool for community impact

The formation of a new political party

How to reduce the cost of governance in Nigeria

Understanding the arms of government and

Grass root mobilization

How to collaborate with private sectors to influence change

Global relevance in politics using technology tools.

Funding clean election & Politics without bitterness.

Understanding international policy & diplomacy.

Private public partnership-PPP.

Maintaining balance: family/ Health/with Emotional intelligence.

Team building and National party Restructuring..

Leadership Roles in the 
National socio economic transformation & Development.

Value Proposition

This shall Include Highly professional, specialized & qualitative Human Resource Capital Development of Business and Leadership training programmes for Corporate firms, Registered organizations, Professional Bodies of Association, Profit and Not for profit Organization’s, across States and Federal Parastatals, with special inclusion for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSMEs) and entrepreneurs for the next 10 years (decade). 

World Class Global Facilitators

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This is a world class event that is heavily subsidized by Arise Africa America Forum and global partners to give rare opportunity to young Africans from around the world to have access to world class information, tools , strategies and technology that will give them quantum leap in life .